Rogue Nicotine Gum Review

It's no secret that quitting nicotine, whether that be chewing tobacco, smoking or otherwise is very difficult. Some people really struggle to get through the tough times, but there is help out there.

One type of help you can access is a kind of nicotine replacement therapy and that is in the form of nicotine gum.

Nicotine gum has been known to help people in the past and is very effective when dealing with problems such as nicotine withdrawal – but there are actually a surprising amount of these gums on the market.

We've tried and tested a brand called Rogue and their nicotine gum to see if it is any good for the prospective quitter.

So, if you're looking to quit nicotine – we're here to help you out by giving you our review of this particular nicotine replacement therapy.

Get comfortable and read on for our description, pros and cons and other things that might help you out.

What Is Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT)?

NRT is a way that people can quit their nicotine intake through a gradual process. In this review, we're talking about a type of gum that looks to do just that.

The idea is simple, the product gives you the dose and hit of nicotine that you need, without the negatives from things like smoking – and allows you to gradually reduce your intake of the harmful chemical, until eventually you do not need it at all. 

Studies have shown that using gum correctly can be 50% more effective at helping someone kick the habit for good rather than with will power alone. 

So, if you're someone who is determined to quit but think you need an extra helping hand along the way – this type of NRT could be for you.

What Is Rogue Gum?


Rogue gum is a form of NRT gum that aims to help you with your quitting process but without the negatives that a lot of other gums have been known to produce.

For example, many people have suggested that their gum that they used to help them quit nicotine for good tastes awful and also had other adverse effects like staining their teeth or smelling awful.

When there are drawbacks like this, many prospective quitters end up falling at the first hurdle and do not plan to continue on their important quitting journey.

When something that is meant to help you ends up being a hindrance, it makes sense that quitters revert to their habit. 

Rogue however, have improved on this by producing a gum that not only tastes great but can help you quit entirely too.

They come in a variety of tasty flavors and unlike other gums on the market, the taste does not fizzle out quickly and does not cause a lot of unnecessary saliva. At the same time, it's still helping you with any potential nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

You can choose between a refreshing peppermint, a juicy fruit flavor or a cool wintergreen, all designed with you in mind to produce the most satisfying experience possible when trying to quit. 

One thing that sets this gum aside from the rest is the fact that the MG of nicotine is much lower than the competitors on the market. This might sound detrimental to the quitting process, but it's quite the opposite.

The less nicotine your body and mind receives on a daily basis, the better. If you can continue with a low amount of between 2 and 4MG per gum. 

You'll quickly go through your body and mind's natural quitting process and be nicotine free much faster than if you simply reduced your use of tobacco products alone. 

The benefit of using a product with smaller nicotine strengths is that not only should you be able to quit more quickly, but withdrawal symptoms like poor concentration and “cold turkey” should be vastly reduced too. 

Are There Advantages To Gum?

Aside from not using typical tobacco and avoiding harmful habits like smoking which can lead to health concerns like cancer and strokes, using gum can be much more advantageous to other NRT.

For example, some people opt for e-cigarettes. Although they are better for your body than traditional smoking, many places in public and the workplace are against the use of these types of products.

As a result, a quitter might get stressed and angry and revert to smoking quickly. Another is the psychological assistance for people who are users of smokeless tobacco like chewing tobacco. 

Psychologically, a person might also feel obligated to put something in their mouth and, in this case, spit it out. During the quitting process, if a person can switch chewing tobacco for a better option like gum – they'll be much more likely to curb their unhealthy habit for the long term. 

What's more, gum can be taken pretty much everywhere, and you're unlikely to find a place like a bar or restaurant that refuses to allow you to chew gum. Not only that, this particular Rogue gum is quite discrete if you can carry it in a different package, so you won't feel embarrassed about pulling it out to chew.

In some respects too, this gum can be a much cheaper option to traditional nicotine consumption. So there are certainly plenty of advantages to think about! 

What's The Difference Between Gum and Lozenges?

Both of these products are types of NRT that aim to give a person on their quitting journey a hit of nicotine to keep them going throughout the day. 

The difference between a chewing gum and a lozenge is the way the person intakes their hit. The gum is chewed until it loses its taste and nicotine level, whereas lozenges are placed inside the cheek and dissolved.

This is advantageous for people who cannot chew or do not like to chew gum. It's also a quick hit.

What Did We Think Of Rogue Gum?

We decided to try to test a packet of Rogue gum, below is our review of it. Please note though, this is not an endorsement of NRT for people who do not use nicotine products. If you're nicotine-free, it is best that you remain that way due to the dangers of nicotine and the difficulty of quitting. 

With that out of the way, here's our thoughts.


At first glance before even opening the packet, we found the product looked very much like a packet of cigarettes. Now, this can be both a positive and negative thing. 

The positives of this type of design are:

  • The psychological connection of tobacco and this product, hopefully leading to longer use and not to revert to cigarettes 
  • It should deter non nicotine users and makes it more obvious to prevent accidental ingestion 
  • The lack of a packet of cigarettes might make a person feel lost and this fills a void psychologically

However, this type of design also has a few negative aspects too, and these are:

  • Less discretion without a replacement packet for places like restaurants or high-end events 
  • It might remind people of cigarettes can become a trigger 
  • This look might be enticing for ex-cigarette smokers, and they might overuse the gum 

Therefore on this point we were conflicted about our opinion on the packaging. 


This gum began hard but quickly softened up during chewing. It is similar to an M&M in that it has a sugar-free coated shell that your teeth work through. However, it did at times feel as if the gum was dissolving quickly in the mouth. 


We chose to go for the fruity flavor option. It certainly held up to its fruitiness and tasted similar to a fruit cocktail. The taste was pleasant for an NRT and definitely an improvement from some others on the market. 

Lasting Time

Some sellers of Rogue gum say that it takes around 30 mins to an hour before you need to throw the gum out. This was dependent on the piece of gum itself in our experience. One gum piece lasted 30 minutes and maintained its flavor, whereas another quickly expired in as quickly as 5 minutes. 

We're unsure why this was the case, and it might have been due to a number of factors, so we are not blaming the manufacturer for this. 

On average though, this gum lasted longer than others on the market – so we did find positives here. 

Cost/Value For Money

Each pack contains 20 pieces of gum, and it is well worth the cost. Depending on where you live, it can be cheaper to purchase this gum than other nicotine items. 

Overall Quality

Rogue gum was of a good standard for a gum NRT. It holds up among other producers of this type of replacement. 


If you're looking to quit, using this gum is a great way to do it. Remember though, you need to also have willpower and a good support circle too. Good luck!

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