Nicotine Patches: How Do They Feel?

Choosing to quit smoking for good is a big deal and something you should be proud of. The road to removing cigarettes from your life will not be easy but even trying is a huge achievement.

If you know someone who has tried quitting smoking or you yourself have tried quitting before, you will know that it is not easy doing it alone.

Support is needed which is why people choose to use nicotine patches. Nicotine patches are highly popular with those wanting to quit as it helps to control those stubborn urges, but have you ever wondered how they really feel?

What Are Nicotine Patches?

Nicotine patches are what people use to help quit smoking. These are considered nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) and what they do is work to reduce any cravings as well as settling withdrawal symptoms which is typical for smokers.

There are different types of NRT including hum, inhalators, mouth sprays, lozenges and, of course, patches. All of these work in the same manner but how effective they are depends on the individual user.

When using the patch, it is a good idea to use it alongside one of the other NRTs to allow fast-acting results.

Is Using A Nicotine Patch A Good Idea?

There has been some controversy over using the nicotine patch and this is because the concept of receiving nicotine when trying to break its addiction is confusing. Despite this, nicotine patches still should be used because of its great results.

When putting this patch on, this is not as simple as allowing the addiction to take control. The nicotine patch produces a steady and controlled amount of nicotine throughout the day, giving enough to satisfy cravings yet doing so responsibly.

This makes quitting smoking a lot easier and gives smokers less of a reason to relapse.

The Different Types Of Nicotine Patches

There are two types of nicotine patches – 16-hour day patch or the 24-hour day patch. But which one should you get? Which patch you choose depends on when you have your first cigarette as well as how many cigarettes you usually smoke a day.

If you are someone who has a cigarette when they first wake up in the morning and continues to chain smoke frequently throughout the day, the 24-hour day patch would be the best choice.

On the other hand, if you only have a few cigarettes a day then the 16-hour patch will work better in your favor.

You will need to remove the 16-hour day patch right before bed whereas with the 24-hour day patch you will need to remove and replace it in the morning.

How Do Nicotine Patches Feel?

Many people are curious as to how a nicotine patch truly feels.

They also want to know what to expect when using it for the first time. When wearing a nicotine patch, it is very normal to feel a mild tingling sensation.

Some may also experience some itchiness or even burning however this is nothing to worry about; this feeling should only last between 15 minutes and 1 hour.

When taking the patch off, you may also be aware of some redness on your skin where the patch once was. Again, this is completely normal and common amongst nicotine patch wearers.

This redness is only temporary and will fade within the day. The only time you should be concerned is if you skin stays red for a prolonged time. If it’s been 4 days and your skin hasn’t returned to its natural color then it is time to contact your doctor.

You should also contact your doctor if you have had a bad reaction such as swelling or soreness.

Does The Nicotine Patch Work Straight Away?

Unfortunately, it can take a few hours for the nicotine patch to kick in so in this time you may experience some cravings. Although this may be difficult, you should not give up straight away. The patch is working but just needs some time to get started.

How To Use A Nicotine Patch

To use a nicotine patch is a very simple task. It is applied by sticking it onto the skin like a band-aid, allowing the nicotine to be absorbed into the body easily. With a patch so easily installed, this will further encourage people to use it.

Step 1

The first thing you will need to do is press the nicotine patch onto either your arm, chest or back. Make sure that this area of skin chosen is completely hairless, allowing it to stick on better.

Press this down for about 20 seconds and it will stick in place. When changing, make sure to alternate areas of the skin each day.

Step 2

After the nicotine patch is applied, you should then rinse your hands thoroughly with warm water. You do not want the nicotine to be in contact with anything else other than where you have placed the patch.

You should also take this time to chew on some fast-acting nicotine gum or other NRTs. This is because the patch will not work straight away so you may need something to help control your cravings.

Pros And Cons Of Nicotine Patch

Just like with any product, there are their pros and cons. The nicotine patch is not compulsory and it is completely up to the individual whether they choose to use the patch or not.

When making a decision, it is always important to consider all of the pros and cons.


  • It can stay hidden under clothing.
  • You can wear the nicotine patch in the shower.
  • Any potential side effects can be managed easily.
  • Provides a reliable dose of nicotine every day.
  • You can use the nicotine patch alongside other nicotine replacements.
  • You can get your own nicotine patch without needing a prescription.


  • It can irritate your skin, especially if your skin is sensitive.
  • You cannot control the dosage of nicotine the patch provides.
  • There is a potential for side effects including itchiness, redness on skin, headache, vivid dreams and difficulty sleeping.

What Quitting Smoking Can Do For Your Health?

There are many people who avoid quitting smoking because they know it will be difficult, but your life will change for the better if you choose to.

There are many benefits such as your sense of smell returning to normal, food tasting better, your teeth and fingers not yellowing anymore and your breath and hair smelling better.

However, the most important thing to consider is what quitting smoking can do for your health. By quitting smoking, you are lowering the risk of diabetes, improving your heart and lungs and also warding off the threat of cancer.

Final Thoughts

Quitting smoking is difficult but the nicotine patch makes the process ten times easier. If you want to make a change in your life, try using the patch.

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