Best Candy For Quitting Smoking

Trying to quit smoking can be truly difficult. Getting past the craving is one crucial element to beating the addiction. You may have tried nicotine patches, or even vaping pens.

Science has been applied to try to find out what you can consume when you could be smoking a cigarette instead. However, there are so many options to choose from.

Many snacks like popcorn, sunflower seeds, and raw fruit can be tried but these can be time-consuming to prepare or dispose of. There are even drinks such as everyday milk, or even herbal teas.

Of course, instead of smoking, you could turn to another vice that might make the problem even worse; alcohol. These might offer some relief yet you want a treat. 

If you have a really sweet tooth, you should be suitably intrigued by the candy you can eat to quit smoking. This can be an exotic flavored candy or a mint-flavored one to give you fresh breath.

Some candies can help that agonizing feeling when you know a craving is coming. Here we look at the best candy for quitting smoking.


BREATH SAVERS Wintergreen Sugar Free Breath Mints, Individually Wrapped, 0.75 oz Rolls (24 Count)

Breath Savers Wintergreen Sugar-Free Breath Mints

Best For Sugar-Free Breath Mints

BREATH SAVERS Wintergreen Sugar Free Breath Mints, Individually Wrapped, 0.75 oz Rolls (24 Count)

If you have been a compulsive smoker for years then you are likely used to having cigarette breath. That may not be off-putting for you as you have become used to it, but it may well be a bugbear for others.

With a pack of Breath Savers Wintergreen Sugar-Free Breath Mints, you can enjoy minty-fresh breath instead.

With convenient packaging, you can have a pack of mints at easy access for when you need them the most, which we liked in our testing. This could be on the way to a job interview, a first date or just meeting some friends in a bar.

Whatever the occasion, knowing that your breath smells good is great for your confidence. As well as the revitalizing taste, each mint contains Xylitol which neutralizes plaque acid. All that at only 5 calories per mint.


  • Fresh Breath - Find a great alternative from having smelly cigarette breath to fresh minty breath to boost your confidence for occasions such as dates, birthday parties, and job interviews
  • Convenient Pack - Slip a pack of mints in your bag or pocket for that quick burst of freshness
  • Revitalizing Taste - As well as Wintergreen you can try Spearmint, Cinnamon, and Peppermint
  • Xylitol - Included as an ingredient to neutralize plaque acid after eating sugary, starchy foods
  • Low Calorie - Each mint contains only 5 calories


  • Crack Easily - You may be tempted to bite into the mint when you really should be savoring it

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Best For Sugar-Free Hard Candy

Jolly Rancher Sugar-Free Assorted Flavors Hard Candy, 3.6 Oz. - 4 pack

Most of us should be familiar with Jolly Rancher Hard Candy. Whether for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, or just a treat, their candies are renowned for their bold flavors.

Now you can enjoy them for quitting smoking with their sugar-free variety. That still means getting Watermelon, Apple, Grape, and Raspberry, just without that occasional sugar spike.

For convenience and freshness, each hard candy is individually wrapped which we enjoyed in our experience of this product. With a calorie count of 35, these candies are also gluten-free with absolutely no fat, cholesterol, or sodium. 

While they may be suitable for diabetics and those wanting to quit smoking, they are not considered vegan. 


  • Individually Wrapped - Each candy is wrapped for freshness and to prevent them from sticking together
  • Gluten-Free - No gluten-containing ingredients are included in the production of Jolly Rancher candies
  • Typical Flavors - You can still expect the likes of Watermelon, Apple, Grape, and Raspberry but without the sugar spike


  • Not Vegan - While they may be gluten-free, these candies are not vegan
  • Comparatively High-Calorie Count - Other sugar-free candies have lower calorie counts

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Best For Lollipops

Spangler (1) Bag Dum-Dums Pops - Dessert mix - Holiday Lollipops - Free of Major Allergens - Net Wt. 4.8 oz

Instead of popping a lit cigarette into your mouth, put a Spangler Dum-Dums Pop in there. For a low-calorie method of taking your mind away from your cravings.

Dum-Dums are a sweet, sweet method that you should enjoy. You will also be spoiled for flavors, with 16 ones to choose from including Hawaiian Punch and Orchard Mix. 

Each lollipop is gluten and fat-free as well as being without the top allergens making them a safe alternative. While these lollipops are not sugar-free, they are still relatively low in calories and provide a long-lasting treat which we liked in our testing.

Plus, they are portable as you can carry one in your pocket or bag for a really convenient tool to quit smoking.


  • Free of Allergens - Each lollipop is free of the major common allergens
  • Affordable - Whether a small bag or a large one, these are an affordable alternative to cigarettes
  • Range of Different Flavors - From Hawaiian Punch to Tropical Mix and Orchard Mix, you will quickly find your favorite


  • Sugar Content - These lollipops may be considered bad for your teeth and the corn syrup is not entirely healthy either

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Best For Sugar-Free Gum

Trident Original Flavor Sugar Free Gum, 14 Pieces (Pack of 24) (336 Total Pieces)

The act of chewing gum can occupy your mouth when you need to stave away your craving for a cigarette.

Trident Original Sugar-Free Gum is designed to freshen your breath as well as protect you from tooth decay. The sugar-free recipe also includes xylitol which is a natural sweetener that creates a delicious flavor.

While you may want to stick to the minty flavors, there are several fruit flavors to try too which we liked in our testing.

The packaging is also helpful and provides an almost irresistible alternative to lighting a cigarette. It should be super easy to have a pack in your pocket, one to keep on your desk, and another in your bag for quick access when you truly require it.


  • Handy Pocket Pack - Ideal for having in your desk, your bag, or your pocket when on the move
  • Huge Range of Flavors - From minty favorites like Spearmint, Wintergreen, and Perfect Peppermint to more exotic fruit flavors like Dragon Fruit Lychee, Pineapple Twist, and Island Berry Lime 
  • Includes Xylitol - The natural sweetener fights plaque and offers protection against tooth decay


  • Difficult To Chew Once Dry - Some users have reported that some gum in the larger books can be difficult to chew if it becomes dry

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Best For Sugar-Free Lollipops

Quitting smoking can be made so much easier with sugar-free candy. Without the worry of putting on weight or increasing your chances of tooth decay, they may be the most suitable option for a diabetic too.

Oval Sugar-Free Fruit Lollipops by Candy Creek comes well recommended as their commercial customers include dentists and doctors. That should not be wholly surprising as they only amount to 12 calories each which we liked in our testing. 

You may be impressed by how tasty the lollipops are, which is largely down to the top quality ingredients and old-world craftsmanship at work. With eight flavors to choose from, your only struggle may be finding out which one is your favorite.


  • Sugar-Free - With a glycemic index of G1 or 2, these lollipops are only 12 calories each which are helpful for diabetics too
  • Doctor And Dentist Recommended - As these are sugar-free, you may find them in a doctor’s surgery or dentist’s which is a great endorsement
  • High-Quality - The lollipops use quality ingredients and are created using old-world craftsmanship techniques
  • Four Pound Box - You can get huge savings with a box that weighs four pounds which should last a while too
  • Eight Flavors - Choose from Watermelon, Strawberry, Concord Grape, Sour Apple, Red Raspberry, Tangerine, Lemonaid, and Blueberry Blast


  • Inconsistent Flavor Amounts - Some users have noted that you are likely to get more of certain flavors than others

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Buyers’ Guide

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things a lot of us will do. It can also be one of the most rewarding projects we can undertake so there is nothing wrong with getting a bit of help.

That may be some encouragement from friends and family, or a few nicotine patches to wean yourself off cigarettes. However, should you have a sweet tooth then you can indulge yourself in some candy. 

This can be in the form of hard candy which you can unwrap and suck on instead of feeling the urge to smoke a cigarette. Some lollipops can give your fingers something to hold akin to a cigarette.

The act of chewing gum can also be a welcome distraction to smoking and minty flavors can also help freshen your breath. You may want to look out for the natural sweetener, xylitol, as this has been found to protect your teeth from tooth decay. 

Candy should be a cheaper alternative to smoking cigarettes but you may still want to buy it in bulk. You may have gotten into the habit of going to your favorite store for a new pack of cigarettes.

However, with candies, you could make a real saving if you buy a bumper pack that you know will last. Try a few candies or gums first to find out what you like and then buy it in bulk so you know you have a ready supply. 

Best Candy For Quitting Smoking

Sugar-Free Hard Candy

It can prove difficult to smoke a cigarette and suck on a hard candy at the same time. Thankfully, there are several flavors and varieties of hard candy to select from that you may find difficult to contemplate a cigarette.

That manufacturers have developed sugar-free hard candies such not be a huge surprise. These tap into the diabetic market, as well as help out those who want to quit smoking.

Without sugar, it can be tricky to get a great-tasting hard candy. You may have to shop around to find one that you can truly enjoy, especially when you are used to the regular candies.

Jolly Rancher look to have nailed their sugar-free alternatives and packaged them just as they would their normal candies. You should also come to revel in the lack of a sugar spike too which may see you coming back for more.

As with most things that seem too good to be, you should check the packaging for the calorie content. There may also be some ingredients that are included as artificial sweeteners or sugar substitutes that you know you do not like.

Xylitol is a common ingredient to find in sugar-free candies as it also helps fight plaque and protects teeth rather than harms them.

Sugar-Free Lollipops

If you have been to the dentist and doctor, you may wonder why they have given you a lollipop when you leave. This should be a sugar-free lollipop as it would be alarming if either health practitioner gave you a regular sugar-filled treat.

Sugar-free lollipops are also ideal for quitting smoking as they take your mind away from cigarettes and give you something else to suck on. 

Similar to toothpicks, you also may enjoy the habit of holding a lollipop like you would a cigarette. The same, familiar habits can be hard to quit but doing them without a cigarette can be helpful. You may even find that the craving is reduced when your fingers have something to hold. 

Calorie Content

With cigarettes, you can get used to going through a pack a day which is a compulsive and expensive habit. With candies, the more problematic element may be the calorie content. This is worth considering if you want to replace every cigarette you get through with candy.

To put it into perspective, Breath Savers Wintergreen Sugar-Free Breath Mints only amount to five calories per mint which is suitably low. However, Jolly Rancher’s hard candy amounts to 35 calories each which should be taken into account.


The convenience of cigarettes and their packaging can be a bugbear in itself when they prove to be so readily available. Packets that are easily stackable and can fit wonderfully into a purse or pocket should be hard to resist which is the result of decades’ worth of research.

Thankfully, a lot of candies come in simple packaging that makes them truly convenient. Chewing gum packets tend to be slim, like the gum itself.

You can also get bags of hard candies and lollipops. These should be individually packaged so you can throw some into your bag and have them readily available during those moments when you want a cigarette. 

Variety Of Flavors

You may simply insist on a minty flavor as a welcome switch from smelly cigarette breath. That would be an admirable choice for you and whoever you share a small space with.

There are so many other flavors available that you are essentially spoiled for choice. Candies can come in a range of fruity and exotic flavors that provide a smorgasbord to try. You can also try moreish caramel flavors that also come in sugar-free varieties.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Other Foods Should I Eat Instead When I Crave A Cigarette?

Occupying your mouth when quitting smoking can be difficult, especially if you want to try food instead. Cigarettes can cause damage to your lungs and other internal organs but keeping the calorie count down is key to keeping your weight while beating the craving.

That is why you should insist on raw fruit and vegetables with really low-calorie counts. 

You should also drink a lot of water and steer clear of alcoholic, caffeinated, and sugary drinks as these may make you think of the occasions when you would be smoking. There are numerous foodstuffs that you can have if you miss the feeling of a cigarette in your mouth.

From cinnamon sticks to carrot or celery pieces, and sugar-free lollipops. Each has a similarly long and thin design that can be familiar yet significantly different from a cigarette. 

Do Lollipops Help Someone Quit Smoking?

Short answer, yes. This is largely because holding a cigarette is largely similar to holding a lollipop. Replacing a cigarette with a lollipop is such an easy thing to do that you may find your nicotine levels reducing dramatically. 

Getting out a lollipop can also be a great habit to get into during those moments when the opportunity to smoke arises. Perhaps a regular smoking break you used to attend with co-workers or during the walk home.

You may also find that there are further opportunities to suck on a lollipop during those moments when you wanted to smoke a cigarette but were not allowed. This could be while shopping in a store or an enclosed area such as the office or a bar.

There are certain situations where you may find yourself craving a cigarette. This could be when you are simply bored or with friends at a social gathering.

Take one day at a time and set yourself goals so that you can measure your progression. Having a pack of candy available can give you the confidence to know that you can beat the craving. Given time, the addiction can be defeated and you can quit smoking,

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