Best Nicotine Patch For Sensitive Skin

If you want to quit smoking then nicotine patches are a great way to start your journey. As a leading product for nicotine replacement therapy, the patches are transdermal and require sticking to the skin.

As they contain an adhesive, they are best applied to areas with little hair which may prove difficult if you have sensitive skin. 

The best places to apply a nicotine patch are on the upper arm, upper chest, or hip. With minimal hair, that nicotine patch may prove irritating after a few minutes.

You know that the patch will be doing you good yet all you want to do is pull it off. However, that would defeat the purpose of the patch itself and leave you open to desiring a cigarette again.

Finding a nicotine patch that is ideal for you and your sensitive skin should put you on the right path.

By not even noticing the patch when it has been applied, you can go about your daily routine without the craving for smoking a cigarette. Here we look at the best nicotine patches for sensitive skin. 


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You only want to have to apply your nicotine patch once a day. Having to re-apply it will only irritate your skin which is a plus point to think about with the NicoDerm CQ Step 1 Nicotine Clear Patch.

These patches are specially designed to be used once a day so apply one in the morning then take it off when you wake up the next day.

Ideal for those who smoke over ten cigarettes a day, these patches deliver results with the highest dosage of nicotine which is approved by the FDA.

Clear backing is used with these patches to keep the nicotine in place and prevent evaporation to keep that nicotine flowing into your bloodstream.

Their adhesive is just enough to last all day but should feel discreet, which we liked in our testing. When you are ready to take off the patch, a release line makes it so easy.


  • Extended-Release SmartControl Technology - Apply it once in the morning and leave it on all-day

  • Clear Backing - Keeps the nicotine in place preventing you from re-apply it if the nicotine evaporates

  • Adhesive And Release Liner - Provides a good, discreet stick to your skin with an easy release when you need to take it off


  • High Dosage - You may be overwhelmed by the dosage if you are used to fewer cigarettes than ten a day

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Once you find the right nicotine patch that works well with your skin then you are going to want to stick to it. With a Habitrol Nicotine Transdermal System Patch, you are already part of an eight-week step-down program designed to gradually reduce your nicotine dependence. 

Their Step 1 patches are specifically developed for those who smoke more than ten cigarettes a day and they are easily applied too.

With a light adhesive, these should stay on for 24 hours which is all the time you need before applying another patch. These should deliver 21 mg of nicotine a day through a sustainable release from a comfortable patch that lightly sticks to your skin.


  • Once A Day Application - This is another transdermal patch that you only need to apply once a day
  • Light Adhesive - The adhesive is light enough to feel comfortable while staying on for 24 hours
  • Eight Week Step-Down Program - These transdermal patches form part of Habitrol’s eight-week program to improve your chances of quitting smoking


  • Can Fall Off - There are reports that the patches have fallen off occasionally

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If your budget is a key consideration and you are likely to keep your arms covered then there is a worthwhile option to consider.

The Rite Aid Nicotine Patches is another great step 1 choice to start your journey to quit smoking. These patches are also known for less skin irritation than rival brands. 

They also use acrylate adhesive which is better for UV resistance so you can feel free to roll your sleeves up, which we liked in our testing.

However, these are not discrete patches as their large size and opaque design do prove quite eye-catching. For an affordable price, albeit with less convenience than others, this is a good compromise.


  • Less Irritation - These transdermal patches are known to be less irritating than others
  • UV Resistant Adhesive - Acrylate adhesive is renowned for its UV resistance so you can wear these patches in the sunshine
  • Affordable - You should be able to stock up on these budget-friendly patches


  • Large Size - These patches are quite large so lack discretion

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One of the main features to look out for in a transdermal patch is how effective it is. You want to feel it working quickly so those cravings ease off.

The Rugby Clear Nicotine Transdermal System Patchworks within two hours meaning you can stick it on and know it will do a job, which we enjoyed in our experience of this product.

These transdermal patches are also clear meaning that they come with a discreet appearance allowing you to show more skin while still benefitting from the nicotine replacement therapy. 

Whether on your arms or upper chest, these lack the large, opaque design that can be off-putting. Rugby has even thrown in a self-help guide to ensure you can wean off those cigarettes in good time with some great advice.


  • Works Within Two Hours - For a patch that you need to work effectively, this may be the one

  • Clear Patch - Discretion is assured with a clear patch that proves easy on your skin

  • Free Behavior Support Program - You can even get additional support with a self-help guide and behavior support program


  • Bad Smell - There are reports that the patches smell like chemicals unlike others

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Safety should be assured with nicotine patches, especially those made with natural ingredients. Davv Nicotine Patches still contains 21mg of nicotine which is ideal for step 1 yet is made with natural plant extraction.

This should ensure the safety of those around you and help you quit your smoking habit.

These patches are designed for those who smoke more than ten cigarettes a day and only one is necessary for each daily application.

Compared to other all-day nicotine patches, Davv Nicotine Patches are budget-friendly though still come with that easy application in a clear patch, which we liked in our testing. 


  • All Day Aid - You only need to apply a single patch to cover 24 hours

  • Natural Ingredients - Natural ingredients are included for safe use, for you and those around you

  • Budget-Friendly - These patches come in at a budget-friendly price for an all-day aid


  • Potential Ripping - These patches are a light design and there are reports that some have ripped

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Buyers’ Guide

The hardest step to quitting your smoking habit is to put down the cigarettes and begin. Once the decision has been made, finding the right patches is a crucial step.

Not just for their dosage amount but also how they fit into your daily routine. They should be easily applied and quickly forgotten once they are on your skin.

Several designs go into transdermal nicotine patches. The most ideal for those with sensitive skin are those that only have to be applied once a day.

By ensuring an all-day nicotine patch, you are limiting the times you have to take it off and re-apply. Transdermal nicotine patches have to be applied to areas of your body with minimal hair, by reducing the potential amount of times you have to put one on, it should be easier on your skin. 

The application of transdermal patches is one thing yet they also have to be effective in helping you curb your smoking habit. That can mean discreet in appearance so you do not feel inconvenienced once the patch is applied or when you want to roll up your sleeves. 

The dosage amount should also be tailored for your daily nicotine intake so it feels easier to quit as a gradual process. The patches should also be effective for your budget, if you are quitting smoking you should be saving money yet the cost of transdermal patches can add up. 

Best Nicotine Patch For Sensitive Skin


Most nicotine patches are effortlessly easy to apply, though that can be difficult if you have sensitive skin. Think of them as a bandage as they do use similar adhesives and are shaped like many plasters.

You can expect the outer part of the patch to have a light but effective adhesive that sticks to your skin and keeps the patch in place to deliver the necessary nicotine.

The nicotine patch should remain on your skin for as long as 24 hours yet if you soon feel any irritation or suffer any rashes you would be advised to check the list of ingredients. Different brands can use different ingredients and just one of them may have an adverse effect on your skin. 

To aid the adhesion, find an area of skin that has minimal hair which should be clean and dry. There should be a protective seal on your patch which can be removed to expose the adhesive.

The best nicotine patches are designed to be applied easily and straight away so stick it to your skin then press down for around ten seconds. 

If the nicotine patch does not feel secure then it probably will not remain on your skin for any significant period. Also, do not forget to wash your hands each time you apply a nicotine patch. 


A lot of transdermal nicotine patches are clear and transparent in design which is ideal for discretion. You may not want others to know that you are trying to quit smoking so having a barely visible patch is helpful.

However, if you are happy to hide your patch under your sleeves then more opaquely-designed patches will still be hidden.

Dosage Amount

There are three dosage amounts that you can find in nicotine patches that relate to how much nicotine they supply over 24 hours.

For those who are just starting to quit smoking and are self-declared heavy smokers who are used to smoking over ten cigarettes a day, opt for stage 1. These are considered high-strength and each patch contains 21mg of nicotine every 24 hours. 

Stage 2 follows after a couple of weeks if you find that the craving is reduced to warrant a reduced amount of nicotine.

These patches are also applicable if you consider yourself to be a medium smoker who smokes less than ten cigarettes a day as each patch contains 14 mg of nicotine. 

Finally, there is stage 3 which is considered low-strength for their dosage amount. These only contain 7 mg of nicotine and are best applied once you are confident you can beat the cravings. They naturally follow after the successful completion of stages 1 and 2. 

It is advisable to remember that nicotine patches, as well as other forms of nicotine replacement therapy (NRT), are not a long-term solution to quitting smoking.

That is largely why there are three stages to follow, to gently wean you off cigarettes by prolonging your nicotine intake. The three-stage program is typically followed for eight to ten weeks with the lower dosage patches being used towards the end of the program. 

Number Of Patches

Nicotine patches come in packs and you should check how many are contained in each as you could save yourself some money by looking for more value. Some packs can contain as little as seven patches while others can hold a total of 21.

If you wanted to do a direct comparison between brands then simply divide the cost of the pack by the number of patches it contains to find out the individual cost of each patch. You may have to factor in delivery costs yet this is a good exercise to try. 

Consider what dosage you want to get first. If you are a heavy smoker and are used to smoking over ten cigarettes a day then you will need the high-strength patches.

You may also find packs of nicotine patches that cover the entire program though you should be confident you can complete it first. 

It may also be ideal to check the quitting program first which may be compiled by a local health practitioner. If you believe you require more help to quit then you may want more stage 1 patches.

However, if you can get through to stage 3 and only require two more weeks of weaning then opt for only two packs of seven nicotine patches rather than a pack of 21.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get your last-minute queries answered here!

What Is A Nicotine Patch?

Every nicotine patch comes as a form of nicotine replacement therapy, also known as NRT. They are designed to help those who want to quit smoking by delivering a precise amount of nicotine through the skin via the transdermal patch.

Once the nicotine is in the blood it heads to the brain, at a significantly slower rate than if smoking a cigarette.

These patches are designed to provide a slow release of nicotine, rather than other NRT products that deliver a quick hit.

By delivering nicotine slowly, they help to wean smokers off cigarettes by continuing their supply through the day and during the night. By using a nicotine patch with a reduced amount of nicotine you can gradually wean yourself off the smoking habit. 

How Do Nicotine Patches Work For Those Who Want To Quit Smoking?

Nicotine patches are transdermal so they deliver nicotine through the skin into your circulatory system. Even a dose as small as 7mg can help relieve those withdrawal symptoms you may be suffering from once you begin to quit smoking.

The patches are designed to alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, trouble focusing, restlessness, and irritability. 

By delivery of a specific dose of nicotine and by reducing those withdrawal symptoms, the patches should help you quit smoking. The patches are also designed to be discreet and stay on your skin to ensure that the nicotine is delivered successfully.

How Safe Are Nicotine Patches?

Smoking can be harmful to your health and those around you so nicotine patches are considered far safer than cigarettes.

However, there are some side effects associated with nicotine patches, as you may expect from any medication. These side effects can include headaches, dizziness, nausea, and even increased heart rate and blood pressure. 

Those with particularly sensitive skin can experience a redness where the patch is applied and even itchy. If this is the case then you may want to try a different patch.

As most nicotine patches are designed to be applied once a day, there is rare side effect of vivid dreams that you may experience while you sleep. 

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