About Us

Newer generations are not using tobacco products as much - or otherwise, that is what the statistics would have you believe. While cigarettes and pipes are not being used as much, vaping is a new phenomenon that is the new way of using tobacco. 

I’m Jonie Dean and I believe that one of the main reasons why people use tobacco is a lack of information on how harmful it is. Yes, even though I see posters advertising these dangers all the time, they’re not proving to be effective.

Instead, I want to target audiences somewhere that they’re more likely to actually pay attention to - the internet. That is how Tobacco Facts was created. I am aiming to inform anyone who will listen about the facts and dangers of tobacco usage. 

We’re also aiming to create a free online resource for how to quit using tobacco products. When I used to smoke, I found it much harder to quit due to the fact that you had to pay for a lot of advice on quitting. 

Here at Tobacco Facts, I want to help as much as possible for free, to aim for a smoke-free society. Maybe I'm aiming a little too high here, but if I am able to help just one person, I’ll have succeeded.

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