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So, you want to quit smoking, but you don’t know if you’ll be able to stop on your own. There’s no shame in that. Nicotine is an addictive substance. It’s not easy to break from it at the start.

One thing that many people trying to quit smoking have is to ween themselves off slowly. And one of the most popular ways of doing that is with nicotine gum.

Nicotine gum is designed to help take your mind off your body's cravings so that you can go about your day-to-day life. And Who knows? Maybe taking care of your body’s needs will help soothe that voice in your head that keeps telling you to have just one more cigarette.

Here’s our guide to the best nicotine gums you can find on the market right now!


Rugby Sugar-Free Nicotine Gum 4MG - Original - 110 Pieces

Rugby Nicotine Gum


Kirkland signature Gum Quit 4 Stop Smoking Aid 190 pieces

Kirkland Nicotine Gum


Rugby Sugar-Free Nicotine Gum 4MG - Original - 110 Pieces

A well-established name when it comes to over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, Rugby’s nicotine gum is a name that you know you can rely on when it comes to getting rid of this nasty habit you’ve been meaning to drop.

With over 100 pieces in each packet, and coming in a range of different nicotine strengths, this gum has all your needs covered for getting you to quit, no matter what your habits have been.

Not only that, but Rugby sells this gum in a huge range of flavors, covering all your traditional flavors of gum.

If you’re going to try and quit smoking and stick to it, you’re going to need some extra flavor variety to help keep your mouth occupied. Rugby has you covered, from citrus sweet, to cooling mint, and plenty more.


  • Tons of flavors - From the classic original to mint, to fruit flavors, and even coated cinnamon! There’s a whole range of different gums for you to try and quit with.
  • Multiple strength - Both 2 mg and 4 mg are available in any packet. Follow the instruction inside and out of the box to determine which dosage is best for you.


  • Lack of taste with original - For something that is supposed to help take your mind off of your smoking cravings whilst you chew it, the lack of flavor that’s in the original flavor really doesn’t help in that measure. If you’re looking to find a flavor that will help distract you from lighting a cigarette, you might want to try the other Rugby flavors 
  • A box on the smaller side - Whilst this isn’t a small amount of nicotine gum by any means, there are larger boxes out there on the market. If you want to avoid needing to buy more than one packet, you might want to consider some other options.


Kirkland signature Gum Quit 4 Stop Smoking Aid 190 pieces

For another established brand of nicotine gum to choose from, we take a look at Quit 4 from Kirkland’s Signature nicotine gum.

Quitting the cigarettes is a battle on two fronts for your senses: There’s the mental battle to stop, having the will to cut back for yourself. And then there’s the physical one, the one your body cannot help but struggle against.

By giving your body just the right amount of nicotine to stop that craving, Kirkland’s Signature helps take your mind off the physical fight, so that you can focus on dealing with that mental war with your cravings.

With 190 individual gum pieces, this is definitely a great option for you if you’re looking to try and cut down on smoking with just one packet. Get this, and start that relieving process right away, without worrying about needing to buy another packet.


  • Big packet for the big battle ahead - With 190 tablets to take at your discretion, this is a nicotine gum product that will last you on your quitting journey, with even bigger options if you feel the need. The less time you need to spend in your pharmacy or drugstore looking for nicotine products, the better!
  • Range of flavors - Not content with the original? Don’t worry: Kirkland’s signature has plenty of range for you. From icy cool in your mouth to a fresh mint flavor, both in gum or lozenge form. Just because quitting smoking is a tough journey, doesn’t mean that it can’t taste good!
  • Multiple Strengths of gum - Whether you’re a heavy smoker or someone who just wants a little extra help. This packet comes in 2 mg or 4 mg options for you.


  • A pricier product - In most places where you can buy it, even the smallest packet is a pretty expensive option when compared to other products. And your options only get pricier from there. Still, if it’s a purchase you only need to make once or twice, rather than 3 or 4 times with a different brand, perhaps it is worth it?
  • Teeth stain cases - There have been a few cases where the gum has caused some slight staining for some customers, but it’s not clear if that’s a large-scale problem, or if there has been an issue with one or two cases.


Nicorette 2mg Nicotine Gum to Help Quit Smoking - White Ice Mint Flavored Stop Smoking Aid, 160 Count

For a mainstay of this market, Nicorette has to be one of the obvious go-to options for those who are trying to quit. And with a name that is as trusted in this kind of product as theirs, who can blame them.

Nicorette is dedicated to helping people get off their cigarettes, and onto the path of a more healthy lifestyle. Not only do they provide 160 pieces of gum to help ween you off your smoking habits, but they even give you long-term support with their product!

Nicorette understands that quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things to break away from. Not only that, but they also understand the importance of getting help to maintain a healthy habit away from cigarettes.

The Quit Support that comes with each packet of Nicorette nicotine gum is there to help you start those healthy habits earlier, so you can quit them sooner.


  • Excellent choice of flavors - From the classic cool mint to spicy spearmint, to tasty cinnamon, to a fruit-filled mouthful, there are plenty of flavors to keep you occupied and away from the cigarettes.
  • Amazing support system - No one should have to break an addiction alone. A good support network is more successful when it comes to making good routines, and Nicorettes’s Quit Support program does just that!
  • Plenty of success stories - There are plenty of testimonials that show that Nicorette is one of the most reliable names in the smoke-quitting industry.


  • A high price to pay - Nicorette’s nicotine gum and support pamphlet are typically among some of the most expensive on the market, especially when you take into account how many pieces other brands will include in their packaging in this general price range. Still, for a support network and a decent number of gums to go with it, it may be more effective in the long run.


Walgreens Original Nicotine Gum 4 MG 170 Count

If you’re looking for nicotine gum with no extra bells and whistles, then you’ll want to try Walgreen’s entry into the nicotine gum market.

No need to worry about setting up an account with a support network for this product, and no need to write out a pamphlet to figure out what the best course of action is for you.

Simply take the gum medication for the prescribed time, and see the results for yourself. And with 170 pieces of gum to get you there, you aren’t going to need to keep buying new gum every time you feel like your cravings are a little stronger than usual.


  • Good selection of flavors to choose from - There are plenty of options for you in flavors that you’ve come to expect from a good name in the nicotine gum business: Fruity, mint, spearmint, and cinnamon. You certainly won’t be craving flavors whilst you’re battling your cravings for cigarettes!
  • Reasonable price and quantity - With over 150 pieces of gum, this pack comfortably sits in the upper half of our list when it comes to quantity. All whilst giving you are a bargain for a packet of this size!


  • Not a great gum? - The gum has a tendency to simply fall apart in your mouth whilst you are chewing it. For something that is supposed to be chewed over a long period whilst it releases nicotine, that is a 
  • A little on the small side - The gums themselves are noticeably smaller than their competitors. If you’re looking for something that will last in your mouth whilst you’re chewing on it, it may be worth looking elsewhere for something a little more substantial.


Amazon Basic Care Nicotine Polacrilex Uncoated Gum 2 mg (nicotine), Original Flavor, Stop Smoking Aid; quit smoking with nicotine gum, 220 Count

For nicotine gum from the supergiant of online retail, Amazon Basic Care has you covered for bulk buys with their Stop Smoking aid gum.

Amazon basic care knows that the journey to cigarette sobriety is a long one, that can be different for every person giving it a go. With their largest available pack, there are 220 separate pieces for you, both in 2 mg, and 4 mg.

So you don’t need to worry about buying a new pack, and dealing with withdrawal whilst you wait for them to arrive. Consistency is key when combating cravings, so being able to purchase them in bulk like this is a great option.

Just make sure that you’re taking the right amount of nicotine in your gums when you’re buying your pack. No need to buy 4 mg when 2 will do.


  • High Quantity - With over 200 pieces of gum to go through in a single pack, this purchase will be more than enough to see you through the bulk of your journey.
  • Multiple ways to take your nicotine - Not a big fan of gum? Do you prefer a cigarette supplement that’s a little less effort for your jaw? Not to worry: Amazon basic care also sells nicotine lozenges, for people who aren’t fans of gum or patches to take their mind off the cigarettes.


  • Strange pricing for alternate flavors - Although there are plenty of options for gum pieces and flavors, you may find that their pricing is a little inconsistent and somewhat confusing, especially when compared to other brands.


Rite Aid Nicotine Gum, 4 mg, Cinnamon Flavor - 100 Pieces | Quit Smoking Aid | Nicotine Replacement Gum | Stop Smoking Aids That Work | Chewing Gum to Help You Quit Smoking | Coated Nicotine Gum

For a nicotine gum that balances pricing with quality and quantity, rite aid is definitely a great gum to consider when you are trying to cut down. They’ve been making quality products and medication since 1962, so they know what they’re doing in the nicotine-gum market!

This brand of nicotine gum is completely sugar-free, meaning that not only are you going to be able to quit smoking sooner, but you won’t have to worry about ruining your dental health in the process!

Their nicotine gum covers a whole range of different needs and cravings. Do you tend to have a cigarette in the first 30 minutes that you’re awake? The 4 mg option is there for you if you require it.

Are you a relatively light smoker, but still struggle to kick the habit you still have? Don’t sweat about it. The 2 mg is just the thing you’ll need to get you over that line and get rid of it altogether.


  • Reliable manufacturer - With over 60 years of experience as a drugstore, you know that you’ll be in good hands with Rite Aid.
  • Helpful User’s guide - Get a head start to developing healthy routines and good habits with the user’s guide in this pack of nicotine gum.
  • Great selection of flavor - Looking for a way to make the journey to addiction-breaking a little easier? Rite aid has plenty of options to make it taste great along the way. From citrus and fruity, to cinnamon, and plenty more, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to your nicotine gum.
  • A reasonable price for a reasonable amount - For 100 separate gum pieces, and a reasonable price for what it is generally sold at, you can have your nicotine gum needs be covered, without breaking the bank.
  • Cons
  • Flavoring too strong - Some of the additives they have added to the gums instead of sugar do mean that the flavor may be too much in a single serving. Still, if the worst thing about the nicotine gum you are using is that the orange-flavored gum is too orange, you probably aren’t doing too badly.


Often, when you are searching for a brand of nicotine gum, it can feel like it’s a compromise in some way. Yes, it’s healthy for you in the long term, but at that moment while you’re searching, it just feels like you’re getting the short end of both sticks.

You aren’t getting that full nicotine hit that you might from a cigarette, and the gum you’re getting feels too clinical. Like that fruit-flavored medicine, you may have had as a kid, the flavors are just there to distract you, not to enjoy.

Well, Lucy has a great answer to that with their Chew and Park pack of nicotine gum. Their line of flavors asked, ‘why can’t we have a way of breaking bad habits, whilst also tasting great?’

With a selection of flavors lined up, these gums are the real deal, a great burst of flavor in your mouth whilst you need to get rid of that urge you’ve had all morning or afternoon.


  • A true gum to chew on - No more feeling like every nicotine gum is a hassle. With a taste that’s unlike any other nicotine gum on the market, you’ll be forgetting about your cravings in no time with these gums. With pomegranate, mint, and cinnamon in your pocket, you’ll be in for a tasty treat whilst you let go of those pesky cigarettes


  • Small packets - You may find that you go through a packet pretty quickly when compared to other brands of gum, as there are only 90 that come in a single order, and only 10 in a single strip of a pack. Especially for the price amount, this certainly makes it a premium cost for nicotine gum. And you may find that you run out at inconvenient times, and your craving may make a comeback at a bad time.
  • Flavors go quickly - You may find that the amazing flavors you taste are gone before you fully appreciate them.

Buyer’s Guide

Best Nicotine Gum

How To Use Nicotine Gum

Now, it might be tempting to just start chewing your nicotine gum and hope for the best, but this isn’t recommended. If you want to tackle your craving properly, you’re going to need to start a routine.

If you are starting out in cutting out cigarettes, then you should start taking the correct dosage of gum in the morning (a point we will discuss later) and keep this up for several weeks.

After about 8 to 12 weeks (the amount of time will be different for different people), you can start to lower your dosage in the morning, until you feel that you can come off them completely.

You should also consider evenly scheduling out when you take your nicotine gum, even if you aren’t feeling that craving at the moment.

That might sound a little redundant, taking a nicotine gum when you don’t feel like you need it, but should remember that it may take a while for it to take effect. 

That means that if you start chewing on gum as the craving hits, you may not feel the effects until the craving has gotten too strong, and you have already turned to a cigarette to relieve that.

Space them out by a few hours between each gum, and slowly start reducing that after about 6 weeks, and see how you feel.

2mg Vs 4mg

With our little step-by-step out of the way, we can discuss the options you have for dealing with cravings: 2mg or 4mg.

The main distinction between them will mainly fall on you to decide.

If your cravings are so strong that you feel that you have to have a cigarette within the first 30 minutes of being awake, then you should probably be taking the 4mg option for nicotine gum when you can. 

If you tend to have a cigarette more than half an hour after waking up, then the 2mg gum will suit your needs just fine.

Frequently Asked Question

Can I Use Nicotine Patches With Nicotine Gum To Help Me Quit?

Technically you can, but you probably shouldn’t?

That sounds a little unclear, and it is, but combining different nicotine supplements can have unexpected effects if you aren’t prepared for them.

In certain situations, it may be advantageous to use a combination of both patches and gum to control your cravings. But you should also keep in mind that any instructions each product has will have to be changed to less than what they individually say.

Remember, the goal for many people on nicotine products is to stop needing nicotine completely, not to change your source to two different products!

Still, it may be an option you don’t want to rule out. Talk with your doctor or health professional to see if using both is a safe option for you.


So, We’ve covered a pretty wide range of gums for you to pick from to start your cigarette-free journey. And now comes the difficult part: Taking those first steps for yourself.

It’s a tough journey, and it may take a while, but it will be worth it in the end.

And we hope that our guide helps you get the right start for it.

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