How Much Is Nicotine Gum?

Nicotine gum is often used as a technique to quit smoking. Over 70% of people who smoke say that they think they are addicted to smoking.

Additionally, most people who smoke want to quit. Quitting smoking is one of the most difficult things to quit, and it takes a lot of strength and determination to quit. 

There are several proven methods that have been used to help people quit smoking. This includes vaping, nicotine gum, and nicotine patches.

Often, these quitting devices will contain a certain amount of nicotine to get you to stop relying on cigarettes. Eventually, the nicotine should be phased out, so that you do not rely on it. 

What Is Nicotine Gum? 

Nicotine gum is seen as a type of smoking aid. It is used as a method of quitting smoking, and it should be used alongside a quitting smoking ideology, as well as support groups and behavior changes.

It is technically a type of medication because it is supposed to help you quit cigarettes whilst containing enough nicotine to help you wean yourself off of cigarettes.

Additionally, nicotine gum works by giving your body nicotine to decrease withdrawal from smoking, replacing the hand to mouth action of smoking, too. 

What Kinds Of Nicotine Gum Are There? 

There are lots of types of nicotine gum, with the most popular brands being Nicorette, Habitrol, Nicotrol, and Prostep. These are the most popular brands that you can buy in stores for the lowest price.

The gum mostly comes in packs of 10, with a dosage of at least 2 mg per one piece.

Is Nicotine Gum Safe?

How Do You Use Nicotine Gum? 

Nicotine gum is usually pretty simple to use. However, you do not use it the same way as normal gum. This is because it is technically a medication, so it should be used in moderation.

Otherwise, nicotine would be released directly into the bloodstream through your saliva.

You should avoid swallowing this saliva, because it will travel to your stomach, giving you a bad stomach ache and a craving for a cigarette. Here is the step by step method to using nicotine gum.

  1. Pop the gum in your mouth, and chew it slowly. You should chew it slowly until there is a tingly and sharp sensation in your mouth. 
  2. Next, put the gum between your teeth and cheeks, in the same way that people use chewing tobacco. The gum will go into your bloodstream, reaching your brain and giving you the effects of nicotine within minutes. 
  3. After the sharp feeling in your mouth has gone away, repeat the process, and chew for around 15-30 minutes. 
  4. After you have done this, dispose of it safely in the trash. 

To avoid the bad effects of nicotine gum, avoid eating and drinking coffee, juices, and overly sugary foods. 

How Much Should You Chew? 

Nicotine gum should not be used all the time. Nicotine gum may contain more nicotine than a cigarette, but this depends on the type.

You should not chew more than one 20-24 pieces of nicotine gum per day, and each piece will contain at least 2 mg grams of nicotine, but mostly 4 mg.

You should try to decrease the amount of nicotine gum you are using each day, and chew it slowly until you feel a small tingly burn in your mouth and on your tongue.

This means that the nicotine is working and reacting to your body. 

How Much Is Nicotine Gum? 

Nicotine gum tends to be more expensive than a pack of cigarettes, but this obviously depends on the location you are in.

On average, a pack of 10 pieces of gum costs $5, and most people chew around 5-8 pieces of gum per day.

This works out to be pretty expensive, but you can actually get bigger packs that are designed for people who are more addicted to nicotine. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Nicotine Gum? 

There are several pros and cons to using nicotine gum. Nicotine gum has been proven to be better and more effective than nicotine patches.

This is because you can control the dosage a lot easier. This is because you choose when you chew a piece, and this can be helpful when you have a strong craving for it.

Additionally, nicotine gum helps your body absorb the nicotine quicker and stronger than a nicotine patch. 

But, what are some of the drawbacks of using nicotine gum? Well, first off, if you swallow normal gum, not much will happen apart from some minor inconveniences and discomfort.

With nicotine gum, you will get a stomach ache, sickness, and dizziness if you swallow it.

Additionally, nicotine gum is more addictive than nicotine patches, and it has been found that over 20% of people who quit smoking used nicotine gum for more than a year.

Ideally, you should not use nicotine gum for more than six months, because this will become very addictive. 

To add, it is bad to chew nicotine gum if you are pregnant. Nicotine has been known to harm foetuses, and this is one of the reasons that you should not smoke when pregnant, either.

Nicotine gum proves a safer and better alternative to smoking, and it is also used as a way to quit smoking safely and easily. 

Final Thoughts

Nicotine gum is a gum that is used when people are trying to quit smoking, or are looking for a replacement for smoking cigarettes.

Nicotine gum still contains nicotine, but is not as harmful as smoking or vaping. It has been proven to be a useful form of quitting smoking, as the nicotine will enter your bloodstream directly.

Nicotine gum is quite expensive because it contains a higher amount of nicotine, but it is effective for quitting smoking. 

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