What Is Velo?

So, you’re trying to go tobacco-free. It could be for a week, just to see what it is like, or it could be for a year, to kick the worst of those habits.

R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Co.’s Velo pouches

The tobacco in cigarettes can do major damage to a person over time, lots of people are trying alternate ways of stopping smoking to at least kick the worst effects of the smoking, from e-cigarettes to nicotine gum.

One of the new products you might have seen on the market recently is the Velo Nicotine pouch, which is designed to help smokers quit smoking and stay off of cigarettes.

Whilst still delivering that same rush that former smokers struggle to get away from, and what makes quitting such an arduous mountain of a task.

And with any new product out there, there are going to be a whole slew of questions that follow it. What is Velo? Is it safe to use? What makes it different? Is there any drawback to using them? What are the benefits of using it?

We will do our best to answer all these queries and more in this handy guide

What Is A Nicotine Pouch?

The Nicotine Pouches are small pouches that contain nicotine inside them. These pouches are meant to replace the need to smoke because they provide you with a rush similar to inhaling through a cigarette.

They come in varying strengths, and some even have flavors added to them so that you don’t feel like you’re drinking straight nicotine.

The pouch is placed at the top of your mouth, between your upper lip and your gum, and is left there whilst nicotine is released into your mouth, and then the rest of the body.

How long the experience lasts depends on how much nicotine is put into the pouch. Once the packet is finished, it can be simply thrown away with the rest of your trash for safe and easy disposal.

A nicotine pouch is different from both chewing nicotine and tobacco, because whilst the nicotine is released into the body, the actual contents of the pouch are intended to stay inside it.

This is very different from other types of chewing products that released nicotine, as those products will eventually mix with saliva, and usually need to be spat out when the excess becomes too much for the mouth.

Velo’s Nicotine Pouches

So, we’ve discussed what a nicotine pouch is, so we will now cover what you came here for: What is Velo, and what makes their products different from other nicotine pouch providers.

Velo is one of the newest providers of nicotine pouches from Scandinavia, where nicotine pouches were created in the 2010s, out of its parent product ‘snus’, a Swedish for of dry snuff that has been around since the 1700s.

Velo claims that its nicotine pouches are safer than cigarettes when used because there isn’t any tobacco, but that it contains less than 90% of all potentially toxic ingredients that can be found in other tobacco products such as cigarettes, and especially cigars.

Velo’s nicotine pouches are very easy to use, just being placed in the recommended place for the contents to be released in the mouth.

Not only that, but they come in a whole range of dosages of nicotine for pretty much anyone who has an itch for a cigarette, ranging from a very mild strength for new Velo buyers, all the way up to an X-strong intensity product.

There is also a whole range of flavors to try with Velo, from ‘Tropical Breeze’ to ‘Polar Mint’ to ‘Ruby Berry’. Compared to the range of traditionally sold nicotine pouch flavors being somewhat limited, this is a pretty big departure from its competitors.

Benefits Of Using Nicotine Pouches

Now we come to some of the benefits of using nicotine pouches over other ways of ingesting nicotine. After all, it should have at least some benefits over just regular old smoking!

For one, thanks to it being a smoke-free product, there’s little to no danger of both the smell of the pouch of carrying far, but also reduces the health risks of second-hand smoking for those around you.

This also means that you can use nicotine pouches indoors, unlike normal cigarettes and their e-counterparts.

Another benefit of taking nicotine through a nicotine pouch vs smoking is that nicotine is absorbed more quickly when taken through a nicotine pouch.

It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that the nicotine pouch is superior to traditional cigarettes, but rather that nicotine takes longer to absorb if smoked instead of taken through nicotine pouches.

When buying a nicotine pouch, make sure it’s designed specifically for people looking for a long-lasting high.

The reason for this is that most nicotine pouches are designed like cigarettes, which release small amounts of nicotine throughout their use, rather than releasing large doses in one sitting, which may be too much even for seasoned cigarette smokers.

Potential Drawbacks

Because it is such a new product, with very little clinical research done into potential effects on its users, nicotine pouches are still something of an unknown when it comes to its health risks.

With it still being a nicotine-based product, there is a chance that users could still become addicted to using it.

Nicotine is a highly addictive component of tobacco, so even if some of the worse health risks have been removed, you still run the chance of never getting rid of your cigarette craving entirely.

The use of nicotine in adolescence can have long-term effects on a person’s ability to learn and retain information later in life (if used regularly), as well as the brain itself. As a result, it is not recommended that adolescents use nicotine products or cigarettes.

So while it does remove many of the dangers associated with smoking, it’s important not to use nicotine if your current substance abuse issues are already being dealt with. And don’t forget to always seek professional help for any addiction problems you might have.

How It Compares To Other Nicotine Products

So, how do Velo and nicotine pouches compare to other smoking substitutes that have risen in popularity over the years? How does it compare to nicotine gum, e-cigarettes, or patches, for example?

The short answer is: That it depends on who you ask. There’s a huge variety out there of nicotine replacement products, ranging from cheap and nasty, to expensive and well-made.

Some offer clear advantages over others, but they’re all quite different in terms of what they do and what they cost. Nicotine pouches are often compared to nicotine patches over other products because both provide similar benefits.

They both give off a similar feeling of satisfaction, and both stop your cravings for nicotine effectively. 

However, many of these new products don’t have much testing when it comes to their benefits over one another, including mouth sores, nausea of varying levels, and potential relapses when it comes to using cigarettes, a risk that most cigarette substitutes face.


In short, if you are looking for a way to help you quit cigarettes, then you may want to consider Velo nicotine pouches in your plan, going from a high amount of nicotine in your body to nothing can be a shock to the system, no matter how strong your willpower is.

Reduced doses can be helpful when it comes to weaning yourself off, so Velo’s nicotine pouches may be just what you are looking for.

However, remember that each individual has a different level of tolerance to nicotine, so if you find that you need more nicotine than the average person, you may either need to stay away from it completely or try a higher dose first before moving on to lower ones.

Consult your doctor or a medical professional to help you deice if they are the right solution to your tobacco and nicotine issues.

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