The Effects Of Smoking On Hair Health: All You Need To Know

These days, everyone knows the negative long-term effects of smoking. If you are lucky, you will walk away from tobacco with no concerns or ailments.

However, many people who smoke tobacco become addicted to it, develop cancer, or in extreme cases, lose body parts over tobacco-based products. 

The Effects Of Smoking On Hair Health All You Need To Know

After hearing all of this, we are left wondering what else smoking can do to our bodies. Namely, what effects does smoking have on our hair health?

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about hair health and smoking. So, if this is of interest to you, then read on for more! 

What Happens To Your Hair When You Smoke?

It is not widely publicized what happens to your hair when you smoke. However, there are many short and long-term effects on your hair that are a result of smoking. 

There are some minor drawbacks, like your hair smelling of smoke. Then there are longer-lasting issues, such as premature graying of the hair, and darkening of the hair due to the tar and nicotine present in cigarettes.

There are active toxins in tobacco cigarettes that can negatively affect hair follicles and hormones.  

Smoking can also cause thinning and balding of the air. This is because it creates a blockage in the follicles of the hair, as well as damaged hormones and low circulation. 

Additionally, you will have restricted blood vessels and low flow if you smoke long-term. This can damage your hair because it causes it to dull and become more prone to breaking as there is a significant lack of nutrients that your hair shaft and scalp need. 

Also, because of the lack of oxygen your scalp gets due to smoking, your hair growth cycle can be reduced by a significant amount.

Your hair will not be able to grow to its full potential or even make it through the growth phase in its entirety, because of a lack of oxygen and proper blood flow. 

Finally, tobacco cigarettes are a known cause of skin cancer. So, you may lose your scalp’s skin if you develop skin cancer there. You may also lose all of your hair if you undergo certain cancer treatments. 

What Happens To Your Hair When You Smoke Hookah?

Hookah is widely seen as a social and fun pastime. People as young as 16 can use it, and it comes in a range of flavors, generally tasting very sweet. 

However, despite its fun connotations, hookah can be as dangerous as smoking tobacco cigarettes. 

Hookah is merely tobacco mixed with flavorings, water, and other chemicals. So, if you smoke hookah on a regular basis it will have a detrimental effect on the health of your hair. This is because you are getting high and direct exposure to heat and burning charcoal. 

Smoking hookah will cause people to absorb more toxins. It can also reduce oxygen to the scalp and reduce blood flow.

Like smoking, it has the potential to cause a damaged scalp and hair loss thanks to the tar, nicotine, and any additional chemicals in tobacco-based products. 

Smoking hookah will accelerate aging for both your scalp and hair, resulting in balding, thinning, or dull hair. 

What Happens To Your Hair When You Smoke Marijuana?

Good news for those who live in a state with legalized marijuana! There is no direct link between marijuana and hair loss. There is also no link between marijuana and hair thinking, balding, or dulling. 

However, sometimes smoking marijuana for extended periods of time can cause bad sleeping patterns and an irregular appetite. If your body has an incorrect amount of fuel or not enough rest, it cannot feed your scalp.

This will have a negative effect on your hair because the scalp will need to give your hair the right nutrients it needs to grow. 

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Will Quitting Smoking Benefit Your Hair?

Of course! Quitting smoking will have wonderful benefits on your hair. Hair is just as part of your body as your skin, organs, teeth, etc. So, if quitting smoking has beneficial effects on all of these parts, then it will for your hair, too. 

Your body will receive more oxygen as soon as you quit, and this will help your blood circulation to grow strong, which will in turn help your scalp and hair. 

How Can You Fight Hair Loss Because Of Smoking?

If your hair loss is not a result of hair or scalp disease, or cancer, then there is a way you can fight it. We have some tips for you, so check them out here! 

Reduce Your Tobacco Intake 

If you still want to smoke, but also want to prevent further hair loss, then you need to at least cut back on how many cigarettes you are smoking. Once you cut back, you will see an improvement in your oxygen levels and blood circulation which will help your scalp and hair. 

Start Taking Hair Supplements 

No matter if your food intake is out of balance or perfectly balanced, taking hair supplements will be key to helping your hair grow in a steady and healthy way.

One of these supplements you can take is biotin. Biotin will provide your body with the necessary protein, amino acids, and of course, biotin, which promotes longer and stronger hair. 

Treat Yourself To A Scalp Massage 

Scalp massages actually help strengthen your roots and improve blood flow. These massages only need to take five to fifteen minutes and you can have one as little or as often as you need. You can also use essential oils which will give your hair some extreme shine! 

Use Products With Intent 

You should look for hair products, like shampoo, conditioner, etc, that will help to restore your scalp and hair. This is because smoking tobacco clogs your pores, makes your hair dull, and decreases oxygen levels.

So, you will need to choose hair products that counteract these issues. 

For example, shampoo and conditioner that contains mint will wake up your skin and promote growth. 

Clarifying shampoos are also great! These flush out toxins in your hair that comes from tobacco cigarettes and work to clear your scalp. 

Final Thoughts 

Just like other parts of your body, smoking can have negative effects on your hair. Not only can it cause your hair to smell like smoke, but it will also cause premature graying and your hair will become thin, dull, and more prone to breakage and balding.

This is because smoking creates a blockage in the follicles of the hair. It also has a negative impact on your scalp, reducing the oxygen and blood flow meaning your scalp cannot give your hair the nutrients it needs. 

If you quit smoking, then over time your hair will recover. However, if you do not want to quit but you want to prevent any more hair damage, then there are a few things you can do to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible.

Just follow the steps above to try and improve the health of your hair! 

We hope this article tells you all you need to know about smoking and hair health, and we hope you get shiny, flowy hair in no time! 

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