Is Smoking Ruining Your Relationship?

When one member of the relationship smokes and the other doesn’t, it can put a strain on the pairing that you might not have initially imagined happening.

We have been both the smoker and the non-smoker in a relationship, and we can tell you that there are a number of issues that can arise from it to affect a relationship.

Is Smoking Ruining Your Relationship

There are a number of disadvantages that come with smoking in a relationship, most of which are more than just the health effects.

There are lots of aspects in life that are affected by smoking.

One of which can be your relationship, and if these are ignored by either party, you might find that smoking does ruin your relationship. 

Here are a few ways how smoking could be ruining your relationship, and how to fix it before it’s too late.

While there may be other factors contributing to the decline in your relationship, we can say for sure that smoking is not worth ruining it.

So, let’s get right into it.

How Could Smoking Be Ruining A Relationship?

Here are five reasons why smoking might be ruining your relationship, and how.

We have personally lived through these experiences, so we know the kind of strain they can put on you and your partner. 

1. A Lack Of Closeness Due To The Smell

It’s a well known fact that smokers get used to the smell of cigarettes quickly, despite it clinging onto their clothes, hair, and even skin.

However, non-smokers do not get used to the smell as easily, and therefore this can cause an issue with cuddling and being close to one another. 

It is extremely difficult to get rid of the smell of smoke after you have been smoking all day.

Even people who only smoke one or two cigarettes a day might find that they have been carrying the smell around all day. 

One of the key factors to a good relationship is physical closeness.

If your partner doesn’t want to cuddle you at the end of a long day because of the smell of smoke, you might begin to feel a disconnect between the two of you. 

There is no such thing as a secret smoker for this exact reason – someone is always going to know that you smoke due to your smell.

If the scent is creating a physical gap between you and your partner, the relationship is going to suffer. 

2. You’re Risking Everyone’s Health

Smokers are often aware of the risk that they’re doing to their body when it comes to smoking.

They know about the increased risk of cancer and other illnesses, but they still choose to do that to their own body. 

However, one thing that is often overlooked by the smoker in the relationship is the increased risk that they’re putting on the other person in their relationship. 

It’s well known that smoking can compromise your immune system, making it easier for you to get ill.

When you’re bringing back lots of common colds every other week and spreading them around your household, it can get a little annoying. 

Another thing to consider is the fact that even secondhand smoke can cause lung cancer, even in non-smokers who have never touched a cigarette.

Both of these impacts on your health can cause a strain in the relationship – your partner should be improving your life, not increasing your chance of illness. 

3. A Loss Of Intimacy

Smoking can reduce your lung capacity, which can reduce your endurance in more ways than one.

A common issue for smokers is that they cannot run, exercise, or do any other strenuous activity without huffing and puffing within a few minutes. This is down to the damage to their lungs. 

This can spread to the bedroom as well.

Another issue is that smoking can reduce libido, meaning that you might start to feel your sexual relationship with your partner dwindle. 

If only one of you is experiencing a loss of libido, it can cause frustration within the relationship thanks to misaligned needs.

Even if you did manage to keep a good routine in the bedroom, a reduction in endurance might leave your partner feeling unsatisfied. 

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4. Contaminating The House With Smoke

As we mentioned earlier, the smell of cigarette smoke can get everywhere – and remain there for a much longer time than you might first imagine.

While your partner might be able to get over the smell on you and your clothes, they might be less forgiving when it travels to their belongings.

For example, let’s say that you’ve been smoking all day in your clothes.

You haven’t yet had a shower or change of clothes, and you head to their house straight after work. You’ll sit on their couch, hug them, maybe even lie on their bed. 

Now the smoke smell on you has attached itself onto their couch cushions, clothing, and bed sheets.

While you might not mean to do this, the scent of smoke follows you around and can rub off on anything you go near. 

So, it’s understandable that a non-smoker might get annoyed with the fact that your bad habit has now left an unpleasant smell in their home and on their clothes.

It’s not uncommon for people to get fed up with this cycle and start to question their relationship. 

5. Smoking Can Affect Both Of Your Life Expectancy

While we are finishing off with a bleak reason, this might be the most effective way to get you to put down the pack once and for all.

Smoking can increase the risk of lung cancer by up to 30%, which is an incredible risk to take. 

Smokers are also more likely to die from lung cancer as their lungs are already weaker from the 7,000 chemicals within tobacco. 

Second hand smoke also increases the likelihood of your partner getting lung cancer.

The risk of getting lung cancer from secondhand smoke is increased by a massive 20 to 30%.

Secondhand smoke causes over 7,300 deaths related to lung cancer in the US every year. 

The risk that you’re putting on yourself and your partner are astronomical, and it makes you think as to why anyone would continue smoking at all.

This heightened risk of secondhand smoke lung cancer might be a reason why your relationship is falling apart. 

Should You Give Up Smoking, Or Your Relationship?

As you can see, there are many reasons as to why your relationship may be failing due to smoking.

Smoking is damaging more aspects of your life than one, and it is putting a serious strain on your health, too. 

We would always recommend giving up cigarettes and saving your relationship.

Even if the latter doesn’t work out, you will still be much healthier than before and your risk of lung cancer will be lessened. 


We hope that our article has helped to open your eyes a little more on what smoking could be doing for your relationship.

It can cause issues in the bedroom, due to the smell, and both of your health.

We would recommend putting down the pack to save your relationship and reduce your risk of getting lung cancer later in life.

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