How To Tell If Someone Is Smoking In Your House

If you’re not a smoker yourself and can’t stand the lingering smell it leaves after being smoked, then it might be very frustrating to smell it in your home.

How To Tell If Someone Is Smoking In Your House?

This can also relate to someone who rents out their home as no smoking home. There are many ways that you can detect whether they have been smoking inside of the house which will make it easier to find out who is smoking and when. 

This guide will be providing the best ways to detect people smoking in your home or a home that you are renting out. It can be very irritating when people do not follow the rules of your home if you do not allow smoking in your home.

It can also be very damaging to products like your curtains in your home and stains on the floors and ash everywhere. Most people just want to avoid the smell and the mess! 

What Do You Need To Look For? 

When you are physically looking for signs of smoking in your home these are a few you should look out for: 

  • Smells – smelling certain areas sounds obvious but it is also about individuals trying to mask and cover that smell up as well. Smoke can attach itself to all fabrics and products in your home and can definitely be a lasting smell. However, most of the time, the smoker will be nose blind to this as it will be easier for someone who doesn’t smoke to smell it. It also really sticks to people’s clothes which is why there tends to be a waft of the smell of smoke when someone walks into the room after having a cigarette. There will be many signs trying to cover this smell. For example, most people use really strong air fresheners, incense or lots of scented candles. 
  • Burns – it can be a very obvious error when people have left accidental burn marks where they have nubbed out their cigarettes or have dropped them on something. This is a good indicator along with others, that someone is smoking in your home. 
  • Stains – yellowing of walls can also be a big issue for most people. When heavily smoking in areas or just smoking over a long period of time it can start to turn your walls yellow from the tar. This can also occur in different areas like extractor fans or by window sills. A lot of people tend to try and hang out of windows when they are smoking so it will be impossible to detect. However, it can definitely still be smelt and stains can be left as evidence. 

How To Repair The Damage?

Depending on whether this is your own home or whether you have been renting it out to someone, it is your responsibility to keep an eye on what is going on in your own home and would have to foot the bill for the cleaning.

However, if you are renting out a smoke-free property to someone and they continue to keep smoking in it, you are liable to send them the clean bill on top.

They are going against what is written in their tenancy agreement and completely ignoring it all together. 

If they have been smoking in there for a while then you will also have to get the walls repainted and maybe some furniture replaced if there are any stains or burns on them.

You would probably have to replace the curtains too as the smoke can be attached to those fabrics in your home. 

How To Tell If Someone Is Smoking In Your House?

The Best Way To Approach The Issue

You need to make sure that if you are dealing with any situation, that you are calm and collected because if you fly off the handle it might give them a reason to use against you – especially if you are talking to tenants.

You will definitely need to tell the tenant what is within their tenancy agreement again to make sure they know exactly what they agreed to and have broken.

You could always use an agency to deal with these problems as well if you do not like to get involved. 

Everything should be done calmly and respectfully when explaining that this type of damage can be taken out of the deposit that is returned to the tenants at the end of their tenancy.

This could go either way depending on how they will react and this is why it is always important to not lose your temper and just explain the situation and hopefully it will be resolved quickly and without issue.

Even Though this can be really frustrating for many landlords, having to carry this work out. It is better than getting into unwanted disputes with tenants over.

This way things can be resolved and for the next tenants, it should be made clear to the consequences if they smoke in the house. 

If this is your own, personal home then you might need to keep a closer eye and make stricter rules in the house if it is something you really dislike and want to avoid. 


Overall, there are many ways that you can find out if someone is smoking in your house or a house you rent.

It can be quite damaging to someone’s home and especially if they have asked you not to smoke or they don’t smoke themselves.

It can be an irritating job to fix when it comes to repainting the walls and cleaning curtains/pillows or just replacing them depending on whether they have bruns or stains.

It can be very messy if there is a build up overtime and can be very frustrating if it’s meant to be a smoke free home. 

Hopefully this guide has given you some good tips on how to detect someone smoking in your house.

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