How To Get Rid Of Black Lips From Smoking

Millions of people across the globe either smoke or have tried smoking before and it has only been since the last few decades that the world has realized how bad smoking really is.

Not only does it damage the bodies internally and promote disease, but it also affects the way people look physically.

Those who smoke often find their teeth and nails turning yellow or their skin ageing too quickly, but have you ever heard of lips turning black?

Luckily, there is a way to help get rid of this physical damage and have your lips looking their normal shade once again.

What Is Smokers Lip Syndrome?

Smokers lip syndrome is how we would describe the discoloration of a smoker’s lips.

Whilst this doesn’t occur with everyone, there are some who will find their lips turning a dark shade due to the number of cigarettes they smoke.

The reason for this discoloration is the chemicals in smoke itself. Not only can people’s lips turn black but sometimes it gives off a purple hue.

Reasons For Smokers Lip Syndrome

What is it in the cigarette that makes a smoker’s lips turn a new darker shade? There are a number of reasons for this such as:

Cigarette Heat

One of the major reasons smoker’s lips turn black is from the cigarette heat. When we are out in the sun, our skin cells release melanin once sensing that UV light.

When lips are constantly placed around a heat source like the cigarette, our body will react and release melanin which will change the color of our skin.

The skin turning darker is simply an automatic reaction from the sun and is a way of protecting the body from heat.

Reduced Oxygen

Cigarette smoke is made up of 4000 chemicals and one of those chemicals is carbon monixode.

Carbon monoxide is very powerful and something to be cautious of, yet those who smoke do not all know that it exists in their cigarette smoke.

This means that as you inhale, that chemical interferes with the blood stream which reduces your oxygen supply.

Because of this lack of oxygen, this will leave lisp looking a discolored black/blue.

Tobacco And Tar

Both smokers and non-smokers alike all know that cigarettes are full of tobacco and tar, but not everyone knows that they can stain.

When smoking constantly, your lips will eventually discolor due to the tobacco and tar staining. It can also stain a smoker’s teeth and gums.

Capillary Rupture

Under your lips is something called capillary and the capillary gives our lips that signature pink touch.

Unfortunately, when a person is constantly smoking these leads to those capillaries growing weaker and weaker.

If it gets so weak to the point of bursting then your lips will, instead of being pink, be black.

Can You Get Rid Of Smokers Lip Syndrome?

Although heavy smokers will see the physical impacts of smoking from their lips, having discolored lips doesn’t have to last forever. In fact, reversing its effects are actually very easy.

Drink Plenty Of Water

An easy and doable way to get rid of black lips is to drink a lot of water. By drinking water, you will be flushing out all of the toxins of nicotine and allowing your lips to heal.

If you don’t want to drink water, you can also choose to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables instead.

Fruit and vegetables are full of great nutrients which help to lighten the skin and work as a great remedy for smokers lip syndrome.

Use A Lip Scrub

Another remedy is to use a lip scrub. Lip scrubs are very easy to use and will work well to get rid of any darkness or discoloration of the lips.

Lips scrubs can be found in most stores, both in-person and online, at an affordable price. You will only have to use the product twice a week to see results.

Vitamin Supplements

You can also try using Vitamin C and Vitamin E supplements to help with the discoloration.

What these vitamins do is speed up the process of tissue renewal, helping to fade that darkness of your lips and brighten it up again.

It is best to speak to a doctor about this so that they can give you more advice on supplements and prescribe you the right amount.

Natural Remedies

Partaking in natural remedies is another great way to help get rid of black lips.

There are many remedies to choose from but ones we find best is to use lemon as a lip lightening treatment or to apply some almond oil over your lips before you go to bed.

Make sure to do this every night if you want to see results.

Other Effects Of Smoking

Aside from black lips, there are also many other effects of smoking to be made aware of including:

  • Yellow teeth and nails
  • Smelly hair and breath
  • Cancer (especially lung cancer)
  • Increased ageing

Frequently Asked Questions

Will My Lips Go Back To Normal After Quitting Smoking?

Yes, they will go back to normal but regaining its color will take some time. It can take up to around 36 months for lips to look completely normal again.

Does Vaseline Help To Lighten Your Lips?

Vaseline can be used to lighten lips but will work with time.

Do Smoking Paper Make Lips Look Darker?

It is not necessarily the papers that make lips discolor but the smoke chemicals and toxins itself.

Final Thoughts

There is nothing worse than seeing the physical toll smoking has on the body and one of those physical effects is discolored lips.

By referring to our guide above, you will see a great improvement in the way you appear and feel more confident in your own skin.

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