How Many Velo Pouches A Day?

If you are looking to give up smoking but you can’t find a way that works for you, Velo pouches could help you to take the next step and quit smoking for good.

Velo pouches allow you to consume nicotine without smoking in a very discreet way. They are small and able to be carried around inside your purse or pocket to be used outside the house. You can use Velo anywhere, one of the reasons why it is so popular. 

Starting to use Velo pouches may sound scary, especially as it will mean stopping smoking altogether. However, we have all of the information here that you need to know about Velo pouches before you start using them. 

Find out just how many Velo pouches you can use a day to make sure that you are using them properly and so you can say goodbye to smoking for good!

What Are Velo Pouches? 

Velo pouches may be something that you have heard of, but you may not be sure what it is that they do. 

Velo pouches are very discreet and allow you to consume nicotine without smoking. As nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes, this means that you can stop smoking completely if you decide that it’s for you. 

The pouch itself contains nicotine but is tobacco-free. The easiest and most efficient way to use the Velo pouch is to put it underneath your upper lip so that you can consume nicotine without smoking. 

Velo pouches are popular to use as you can get them in a range of flavors and strengths. You can gradually decrease the dosage of nicotine inside the pouch as an effective way of giving up smoking.

The different flavors make Velo pouches easier to use as they will taste nice in your mouth. 

What Ingredients Are In Velo Pouches? 

As Velo pouches do not contain tobacco, you are probably wondering what they do contain. The nicotine inside Velo pouches is pharmaceutical grade so that you are getting the right amount of nicotine, but other ingredients make up Velo pouches. 

You can also find water, sweeteners, flavorings, and plant-based materials inside Velo pouches, meaning that they are suitable for lots of people to use. However, you should always consult your doctor or pharmacist before using Velo pouches. 

As Velo pouches come in different flavorings, you will need to make sure that you are happy with the flavor that you choose. If you choose a flavor that doesn’t taste nice, you won’t be as motivated to use Velo pouches instead of cigarettes. 

How Do You Use Velo Pouches Properly? 

To make sure that you are consuming nicotine correctly, you will need to know how to properly use your Velo pouches.

Firstly, you will need to take a pouch from the tin and put it underneath your upper lip inside your mouth. It should be touching your gums and it should feel comfortable in the position that you have placed it in. 

When you first use the Velo pouch, you might start to feel a sensation of tingling in your gums. If you do, this shows that the nicotine is being released.

This is a common feeling when you first start using the Velo pouches, and over time, the feeling will become less apparent. 

You can keep the Velo pouch underneath your gum for around 30 minutes. This will make sure that you have enough nicotine to satisfy your body. 

As they are so discreet, you can use them anywhere. Just make sure that you are comfortable using the pouch and that you keep it in for the recommended time. 

How Many Velo Pouches Can I Use A Day? 

There are 20 Velo pouches included in each tin, and it is up to you how long you make the tin last.

The amount of nicotine that a person can handle varies, but it is always advised to speak to a healthcare professional before you start using Velo pouches to make sure that you are having the correct dose.

It is very important to listen to your body when you are using Velo pouches. Lots of people use them whenever they feel like they need a cigarette, but don’t just use them without thinking as this will waste the pouches and give your body nicotine when it doesn’t want it. 

As nicotine is a stimulant, it is advised that you avoid using Velo pouches before bed. Over time, your body will be able to reduce its tolerance to nicotine and you can begin to use Velo pouches with lower levels of nicotine. 

You should never use too many nicotine pouches, the same way that you should never smoke excessively.

Make sure that you listen to your body and what it needs, and always remember to consult a medical professional before beginning to use Velo pouches so they can talk you through the correct dosage for you. 

What Strengths Are Velo pouches?

Velo pouches come in a variety of different strengths so that you can choose the dosage of nicotine that works best for your body. As there are different strengths, you can gradually decrease the strength of the nicotine in your Velo pouches. 

Velo pouches are available in lower strengths of 4mg and 6mg, and then in higher doses of 10mg and 11mg. You can begin with one dosage and then gradually have lower doses of nicotine when your body begins to adjust to not having as much. 

Can You Reuse Velo Pouches? 

It is never recommended that you reuse Velo pouches after you have used them. It is always advised that you begin to use a new Velo pouch when you are craving nicotine, not reusing an old one. As there are 20 in a pouch, you will have plenty to get you through the week. 

Velo pouches are very handy to take out if you finish using one. If you aren’t near a bin, there is a waste compartment in the Velo pouch tin for you to store used pouches until you can properly dispose of them. 

This means that you can keep the used pouches separate from the fresh ones and not get them mixed up. It also stops the new pouches from becoming spoiled as the new pouches will be kept dry and away from the old ones that will be damp. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Velo pouches are a very good tool to use if you want to gradually decrease your nicotine intake and smoking. Although it is unspecified how many Velo pouches you should use per day, it is recommended that you only use them when you are craving nicotine.

It is also advised that you always consult a medical professional before using Velo pouches so they can recommend the correct dosage for you. If you are unsure where to begin when choosing the nicotine strength, you can discuss this with your doctor. 

You should also never reuse Velo pouches as this is unsanitary and the nicotine won’t be as strong. If you are using Velo pouches for the first time, a tingling sensation is normal and will pass over time.

You can then begin to work on decreasing your nicotine intake and stop smoking altogether by using Velo pouches.

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