Tobacco Facts

What Is Velo?

So, you’re trying to go tobacco-free. It could be for a week, just to see what it is like, or it could be for a year, to kick the worst of those habits. The tobacco in cigarettes can do major damage to a person over time, lots of people are trying alternate ways of stopping …

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What Is Snuff?

Snuff is something most people are aware of, but many are unsure of what it actually is. This is because the majority of the artwork around snuff dates back to the 16th century when snuff initially appeared in the imperial courts of Europe. What Is Snuff? Snuff came about in South America and was found …

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Lucy Nicotine Gum Review

Stopping smoking may be the hardest thing you ever do.  That may sound a little dramatic, but it isn’t. It is, backed by scientific fact, a taxing, frustrating and tumultuous time in a human’s life. Different people quit in their own different ways. Some people chose to use nicotine replacement products, such as gum and patches. Their …

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